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Office Policy



What to Expect


During your first visit we will discuss the probable number of visits, their length, and the fees involved.  Dr. Goldberg will discuss the proposed treatment and offer you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have.  the fee for your endodontic treatment will be based on the extent of treatment.  Endodontic fees typically range from $200 to $2,000 and it is our policy that your care is paid for at the time of treatment. Because of the unique nature of our retreatment practice and the specialized cases we treat, it is not possible for us to accept insurance in lieu of payment. our office will, however, provide you with all the information required by your insurance carrier so that you may obtain any reimbursements due you.



Your treatment visit will be scheduled to allow sufficient time to attend to your specific needs. If there is anything our office can do to make this appointment more comfortable for you ahead of time, please let us know.  If you require pre-medication that may alter your senses, you may be asked to bring an escort with you to this visit.



Dr. Goldberg will detail any follow up visits that may be necessary. Often, appointments are scheduled a few months or even a year post treatment, in an effort to evaluate healing and ensure optimal care.



Emergencies occasionally occur, particularly in infected environments.  Dr. Goldberg is available to answer any questions of patients of record in an emergency situation.  Our office voicemail system will direct you to our emergency contact information.


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