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Patient Testimonials

I completed my root canal treatment with Dr. Goldberg and his team this morning. I would give the team 10 stars if Yelp allowed it. Dr. Goldberg rated my root a canal a 9 with 10 being the most difficult. Despite that rating, I can say, I had absolutely ZERO discomfort which is especially important for someone like me who is petrified of dentists due to an early childhood experience. In addition to his tremendous skills, Dr. Goldberg has very advanced technology that he uses to solve the problem. This coupled with his constant communication further eases any apprehension. The follow up calls asking how you're doing demonstrate going above and beyond the call of duty! In short, if you are in need of this type of treatment, don't even think about going anywhere else.

Dan Docel

Is it possible to have a pleasant root canal experience? Yes it is!  Dr. Goldberg is fabulous!  He's highly skilled and uses modern equipment with virtually painless techniques.  I've had 3 root canals with different endodontists, so I have experience with dental pain.  Not this time!  When Dr. Goldberg works his magic, you no longer fear root canals. In addition, he is a truly caring, genuine person.  He's the real deal!  I'll never go anywhere else for a root canal.  Thanks, Dr. Goldberg!

Marion B

If God got bored and decided, for some strange reason, to tend to His flock by becoming a dentist specializing in painless root canals, then I bellieve I have finally met Him.

Tal N

I was in excruciating pain and was referred to Dr. Goldberg by my dentist. Dr. Goldberg accepted me on an emergency basis. When I arrived, I was greeted by a friendly, professional and compassionate staff. Dr. Goldberg thoroughly analyzed my situation and concluded a root canal was needed. Having never had this procedure, I was apprehensive. Dr. Goldberg explained each step along the way and continually sought my feedback, always being concerned with my comfort level. The root canal procedure was quick and surprisingly painless. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Goldberg as my "go-to" endodontist! He is the BEST!! Five Stars!

Mark Weksler

I feel very lucky that I got Dr. Goldberg’s name as a referral from my long-time primary dentist who is also a trusted family member. For more than 6 months, the referral sat in a drawer as my tooth pain steadily became more intense than my fear of having a root canal. While it meant driving a ways from the south/west suburbs, I felt the referral and recommendations were most important. Dr. Goldberg and his staff could not possibly have been nicer or more assuring about putting my fears about pain to rest. True to their word, it was a painless procedure and it was over sooner than I had expected. The relief was immediate; I could barely believe I was no longer feeling pain. From the initial first call to leaving the office post-procedure, I’m completely impressed with the comforting, confident care I received. THANK YOU Dr. Goldberg and team!


Moving out of state but will return any time I need endo work done. Dr Goldberg is the best. I call him The Maestro because his work is a art and he does it with care, perfection and oh my God painless!!!!! State of the art and current in all things new and advanced he makes having a root canal easy. Now how many patients can claim that?

Joanna D

I never had a root canal before.  Hearing that I needed to have one done, made me very nervous and scared.  I had nothing to fear with Dr. Goldberg.  I did not experience any pain during the procedure and did not have any discomfort after it was done.  When I told my friends I had a root canal done, they all were sympathetic.  I told them how easy it was and if they ever needed to have this procedure done I could recommend the doctor for them. Thank you, Doctor Goldberg.

Mary K

The OSCAR goes to Dr. Goldberg and his staff for most professional, compassionate, and expert care by a dentist and his staff!  As a professional and technician, he is superb!  The office has the most up-to-date equipment available and he is a master at anesthesia.  As a person, he is kind, personable, and caring.  Overall, a 10 out of 10!  I am fortunate that I was referred to him and I would recommend him and his staff to everyone.  

Richard S

Very welcoming office environment, both staff-wise and physically.  Dr. Goldberg and his staff are efficient.  The Dr. is eager to answer any questions, no matter how many are asked.  The office is very clean and, from a layman's perspective, has the most modern equipment available.  Regarding my first visit, I was very impressed with the Dr. and staff's ability and willingness to fit me in during a lunch hour, as the procedure was near "emergency" in nature.  Overall very pleased and would recommend to others.

Matthew R

Everyone was well organized, caring, and knowledgeable. Dr. Goldberg is kind, excellent about explaining what to expect during the procedure, and what I need to do to avoid future problems if at all possible. I did not feel rushed, and really appreciate such wonderful care.It was really wonderful that he took the time to follow up with me at home after the procedure.  Thank you all

Debra F

Dr. Goldberg is Top Gun, Best of the Best, he has the Right Stuff! Most professional and painless root canal procedure and experience I''ve had, thank you for truly taking care of me.

Joe D

I have been practicing general dentistry in the northwest suburbs for over 30 years and Dr Goldberg is the best. He is fast, painless, and thorough. Every patient I have referred to him has come back completely satisfied.


I called on a Sunday in a lot of pain and they took me the next morning, they made me feel very welcome and comfortable instead of a pain in the schedule. In times when customer service is hard to find they really make you feel special and kill you with kindness, it''s almost like you're at a spa instead of an Endodontic office. I would recommend this practice to everyone.

Steven A.

Dr. Goldberg's procedure is "light years" ahead of my last root canal- which was unsuccessful and resulted in extraction of the tooth. I was pleased to hear an explanation of the procedure as it progressed, and at no time felt anxious or concerned with the outcome. Dr. Goldberg and his staff are friendly, professional, and extraordinarily competent.

Janet M

My visit was a great experience, I was treated like royalty!
The staff and Dr. Goldberg were polite, informative, and a bit entertaining. I will definitley spread the word about Advanced Care to family & friends!

If need be, I will be a repeat customer, no question!

Sherry H

Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Goldberg and company! After an extremely stressful week full of doctor visits that left unanswered questions about swelling and pain in my upper jaw, I was referred to Dr. Goldberg's office by two other dental professionals who raved about him. I am so thankful that I wound up in his office! From the moment I walked through the door, I was treated with the type of kindness and caring that one would extend to a family member. Dr. Goldberg listened with compassion to the battery of tests and exams I had been put through that week, and his concern instantly put me at ease. He thoroughly examined and imaged my teeth, which led to someone finally coming up with the answer to what was going on. Dr. Goldberg saved the day, and sent me on my path to healing. I have told everyone that I come into contact with about the genius of Dr. Goldberg and his staff, from my school secretary to the pharmacist at Walgreens when I filled my rx. I would not hesitate to recommend this practice to anyone!

Vikkie G

Outstanding patient care and state of the art equipment

Mark C

Dr. Goldberg and his staff are wonderful. Professional, caring, on time. I would and have recommended his practice to friends and family. Thank you so all so much! Don

Donald P. Lantz

A thoroughly excellent operation: a rare blend of high-tech and personal;  intelligence and compassion.   Likewise,  Dr. Goldberg melds a high level of medical expertise  with a warm and engaging "chair-side" manner.  He is a fine teacher as well, and answered every question with thorough expertise and down-to-earth articulateness.

Rudy M

I appreciate the kind care I received. Dr. Goldberg and his assistant did a wonderful job and made me feel very comfortable during the entire procedure. They worked so well together. Dr. Goldberg and his entire team are first rate and very professional. They definitely made having my root canal pain free and I felt extremely comfortable thruoghout. Dr. Goldberg was very concerned and explained his procedures in detail. This made me relaxed knowing what to expect. I hate going to the dentist but, this team changed my mind about my experiences at the dentist. GREAT JOB by all.

Wayne W

From the moment when I stepped into Dr. Goldberg's office and until I left I felt like I was in a fairy tail. The warm relation of doctor to patient was just magnificent, it didn't make me feel as nervous as I use to be going to the dentist. Every staff member was very professional and friendly. I recommend doctor Goldberg's office to all my family and friends. Thank you very much Dr. Goldberg!

Afa H.

I was referred to Dr. Goldberg by my primary dentist for a root canal. This was my first root canal and my case was complicated because I had a terrible abcess and infection that needed to be cleared up before the root canal could be completed. It was a long process....8 months with Dr. Goldberg and his staff, many visits from start to finish....but the infection was completely cleared up in the end, my tooth was saved and the root canal was successful! I had minimal discomfort through it all and Dr. Goldberg and his staff have the BEST "chairside manner" and are top-notch in the dental world in my book!


Simply stated,it was an incredible experience in spite of unergoing two root canals in a period of 10 days. Professional,highly skilled, informative, empathetic, and essentially painless, probably understates it. Dr. Goldberg, his technical staff, and administrative folks are without equals. Can't say much more. If you have to do it, Advanced Care is the place to go.

J R Davis

I was so fortuntate that my dentist recommended Dr. Goldberg.  From the minute I made the appointment to my last minute in the office, it has been a pleasant experience.  The staff was wonderful, the office is beautiful and calming and Dr. Goldberg is a warm and caring doctor.  Seriously, I have told people I would have sat for three root canals it was that easy!


I couldn''t be more pleased.  I was in terrible pain for the previous 3 weeks. When I left the your office I had no pain at all.


My experience w/Dr. Goldberg and his staff was exceptional care and understanding.  I truly did not believe my tooth would ever be out of pain.  The procedure was quick and painless.  Many many thanks to you all.


Dr. Goldberg has perhaps the best bedside, or chairside, manner of any doctor that I have been associated with.  The care was excellent, he truly puts the patient at ease, then puts the patient first in his decisions and treatments.  I would strongly recommend Dr. Goldberg and his excellent team to anyone facing a root canal, he made the procedure easy and basically painless.

Keith D

Having had a very unpleasant experience with a different endodontist in the past and being very nervous about this procedure because of that, I was so pleasantly surprised how incredibly painless this was. Dr. Goldberg put me at ease throughout the whole procedure!

Jill K.

Dr. Goldberg and his Staff will provide you with the finest endodontic need to investigate other offices.....he''s the BEST !

Roy H

I am very happy that my regular dentist recommended Dr. Goldberg for my root canal.  I am one of those people who would rather break a leg then go see the dentist!  Dr. Goldberg put me at ease,and completely explained what he was going to do.  I experienced no pain during the procedure, nor after.  I am going to have to see my dentist on a more regular basis, so that I will not have to go see Dr. Goldberg again, but if you have to have a root canal, this is the guy you want doing it.  Thank you to the entire staff.

Larry B

If word gets out about your practice, they will have to eliminate expressions identifying "root canal" as a standard by which all unpleasant experiences are measured. This, my first root canal, was less uncomfortable than a typical cleaning. Superb technique and chairside manner.  

Devin A.

I was so  worried that something will go wrong but that was my best treatment so far ,no pain no worries nothing .Dr. Goldberg is the best, once you are in the office you are his only patient at the moment and believe me i go to many dentists and have had painful  procedures .He will give you the one on one attention .Thank you so much for the best treatment ever !!!!!!!!!


There was no pain during or after. I kept waiting for some discomfort, but it never happened. Thank you Dr. Goldberg and staff.

Gail T

The Dr. and his staff could not possibly be nicer to their patients...

Tim S

OMG you are the Best! I so appreciate what you have done for me!!!

Pearl C

Dr. Goldberg and his staff are incredible. Everyone is pleasant and very enjoyable to deal with. I could not have been happier with the level of care I received.

Michael H.

I was very impressed with everyone I encountered in your office. Everyone was kind and professional. No time was wasted. Your office is beautiful! I will be recommending your office to others in need. Thank you for making me feel taken care of.

Lauren C

If I knew that the root canal procedure was going to be painless, I would've not waited so long to have it done. It was a Breeze!!! Great Job Dr. Goldberg!!!

Carlene M

Overall, the treatment and follow up care was wonderful. The entire staff was very friendly and courteous. I would highly recommend Advanced Care to others needing treatment. Thank You!

Michelle D.

The first time I walked into the office, I was greeted in a friendly manner and assisted promptly. I love the relaxing feeling you get when you enter the door. I love how it doesn't smell like a dentist's office. It's clean, has a wonderful atmosphere and everyone is friendly and helpful.

Vicky P

You’ve taken away my fear after 40 years of anxiety over a bad experience. I now have a specialty dentist that really cares about making me as pain free as possible… Thank You. 

Kathy M

It makes me want to have more teeth problems so I can enjoy the clinic again, it is like a spa!!! Very happy with the staff, THE BEST!!

Gustavo Z

I am still amazed at how painless my root canal procedure was ( and I had worried needlessly for days prior!!!) Dr. Goldberg, you are the "Zenmaster" of painless Endodontics.

Julie L

I have a big fear of dental work, but Dr. Goldberg and his staff put me at ease. The office itself is very relaxing – music and water features. Dr.Goldberg is the expert with administering local anesthetic! I had no pain. Dr. Goldberg explains everything he is doing to you in a relaxed manner. This office is like a "spa" of dentistry, if there is such a thing. Thanks to all of you for a VERY positive experience!      

Janice M

The atmosphere and staff are great! I would come back any day. This type of office would actually make me go see my dentist more often. Thank you for being so wonderful.

Alla P

I have been to tons of differnt dentists for many years and this is a doctor that was able to look at the big picture and lead my dental treatment in the right direction! Very smart, kind, patient, easy to talk to. And the staff is wonderfull too especially the dental assistants!!!!How wonderful these ladies are, professional and caring, I do not have enough words to say thanks to all. Also the follow up call from Marylin to make sure all is good was very comforting. Thanks Dr.Goldberg and staff. Keep up the good work!

Galina Buckhout

Wish I would have done this sooner. I have had more discomfort in a routine cleaning than during my root canal. I was very scared to have this done and it was virtually painless.   

Julie R

Wanting and doing the best for your patients dental health is paramount. You and your staff exceed that. My experience in your office was beyond excellent and WITHOUT PAIN. I also appreciate your playing music from my generation.


I was extremely impressed with all aspects of Dr. Goldberg's operation. Dr. Goldberg is clearly at the forefront of endodontic procedures, while also exuding a warmth and charm that helps one transcend the root canal experience. Kudos to his staff as well. To a person, they exhibit true caring and professionalism.

Felix M

If you can EVER say a root canal was a great experience - this was! Did not even compare to my prior procedures.

Barb W

Dr Goldberg performed a pain-free,professional  job reassured me at every step,he is a caring person and he has a very professional  and caring staff. I  sincerely  enjoyed my visit,thank you,.  

Gary R

All of my interactions with Advanced Care were pleasant from the time I called to schedule my root canal, to leaving the office.

Jennifer P

It was my first root canal and I was really anxious but the moment I stepped into Dr. Goldberg's office I was put at ease. The staff was great and Dr. Goldberg was top notch.

Sandra C.

The worst part about my recent root canal was listening to everyone's horror stories about one they had. NOT THE CASE FOR ME! Dr. Goldberg and his staff are "Best in Class". The secret to a good experience is a good doctor. Dr. Goldberg is tremendous.

Ann Hanrahan

I've been to Dr. Goldberg twice now and both times were amazing.  I felt he understood my concerns about my gagging reflex and both procedures were just amazing.  I hope I don't have to come back, but if I do, I can worry a little less thanks to this wonderful staff.

This procedure was painless all the way around, I still took the aspirin as the Dr. recommended, but I felt no pain at all.

I know I didn't provide much useful information, but you guys are awesome! :)

Jeff K

Extremely pleased and would return in a heart beat if I ever needed another root canal.  Very professional and helpful staff. Doctor explained everything ahead of time as to what I would feel/experience prior to actually doing it. Basically pain free the entire time. I was personally nervous about having a root canal done on a back molar, which was just silly of me. I wasted my energy on that nonsense. :-)

Dana S

Dr.Goldberg is awesome. I was referred by my dentist due to needing a root canal that was underneath a fairly new bridge. Dr. Goldberg's expertise saved my tooth and my bridge. He explained everything to me before,during and after the procedure helping to ease my anxiety.I would highly recommend him.

Sue D.

I NEVER go out of network.... Advanced Care IS the exception. From the moment you are welcomed, all through the procedure, to saying goodbye I am confident of my choice to be a patient at Advanced Care. And it doesn't hurt that Dr. Goldberg not only is an awesome dentist, but quite a nice piece of eye candy as well : )


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